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  • Las Vegas (coming 2024)
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  • New York City, NY
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Our Audience

Over 250,000 monthly readers (and growing daily)


25- 31: 34%

32-43:  33%

45-55: 22%

55+: 11%


Male: 42%

Female: 52%

Chosen other: 8%

Lifestyle Preferences

Travelers, foodies, wine and cocktail lovers 

People who love movies and pop culture 

Festival / concert audience  


Made a major purchase over $15,000 in the past 12 months (car, house, appliance): 22% yes

Planning a major purchase over $15,000 in the past 12 months (car, house, appliance): 71% yes

Will travel more than 3 hours for show / festival / event: 64% yes

Spent over $5,000 on pleasure travel in the past 12 months: 82% yes

Spent over $100 per person on a night out (concert, dining): 62% yes

Schedules a “night out” weekly: 47%

Schedules a “night out” monthly: 91%

People who shop based on having world-class experiences whether it’s local to them or they’re vacationing around the world. 


*All data taken from quiz – July 2022. All recipients entered with chance to win gift cards.